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Helping people who have fled the war in Ukraine to get back on track and rebuild their lives

We believe that everyone should be able to lead a healthy, safe, and happy life. We believe that technology companies, large corporations, and investment funds can create significant positive change by providing immediate aid, medical care, and a community support structure.

Our Vision

1. Provide medical coverage for non-insured  Ukrainians fleeing the war


2. Distribute 5,000 aid kits according to family status and needs to meet immediate needs

3. Deliver digital independence kits

4. Facilitate connections to the community and other support services


5. Become a hub for collaboration and knowledge-sharing between different organizations.


What We
Offer Refugees

Medical Coverage

We offer complementary medical insurance, operated by Menora Mivtachim Insurance company, to cover hospitalizations, cancer treatments, and other medical needs.

Physical Aid Kits

We developed kits to meet the needs of the people and included the following items: Nutrition, Hygiene, Day-to-day equipment and Housing. The kits will be distributed using our specially modified truck.

Digital Independence Kits 

Each kit includes a SIM card, Rav-Kav to access public transportation, a digital wallet with a credit card that allows international transfers, and more.


to be specified soon


to be specified soon

Sky Full of Light

I Need Help

We help with Medical coverage Digital and Physical aid kits. Please fill the form, so we can assist you in the best way possible

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I Want
To Help

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Account Name: Or Movement (NGO)

Description: TechForChanges

Bank: 17

Branch: 603

Account Number: 31554

Join Our Volunteering  Initiatives Through 


 For Individuals 

Adopt a Family

Help a Ukrainian family with day-to-day life challenges by providing advice and support


 For Individuals 

Join Our Media Team

Searching for individuals to help us spread the word and make an impact. looking for content creators: photographers, video editors etc


 For Companies 

Packaging Aid Kits

Join us at the logistics Center to assemble the kits that will be delivered to people who fled war


 For Companies 

Distribute Aid Kits – Tel Aviv

Join us and help deliver aid kits across Israel. Russian language skills are required.


 For Companies 

Distribute Aid Kits – South

Join us and help deliver aid kits across Israel. Russian language skills are required.

i want to help
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