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What We
Offer Refugees

Medical Coverage

Approximately 50% of the people who arrive in Israel do not qualify as new immigrants according to Israel law and are under the age of 60, which means they are not eligible for medical insurance (other than emergency care). We therefore offer complementary medical insurance, operated by Menora Mivtachim Insurance company, to cover hospitalizations, cancer treatments, and other medical needs.

medical coverage

Physical aid kits

Before we assembled the kit, we conducted a needs assessment based on a questionnaire and data we collected from the call center for Refugees and new Immigrants. Using this information, we developed kits to meet the needs of the people and included the following items in them:

1. Nutrition
Healthy and nutritious food


2. Hygiene
Soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, sanitary pads, and more

3. Day-to-day equipment

Backpack, large suitcase, documents folder, and more.

4. Housing
Bed sheets, blankets, kitchen equipment.

*The kits will be distributed using our specially modified truck.

physical aid kits

Digital independence kits

Each kit includes a SIM card, Rav-Kav to access public transportation, a digital wallet with a credit card that allows international transfers at ease, and additional digital resources to help build an independent life.

1. Neema

Providing financial services that help you every day. Digital account, cash deposit, international Visa card and sending money worldwide - All at the best rates.

* With the promo code ukr2022 you get the account + Visa card free for 6 months!

2. Sim cards
Today, almost everything can be done through your smartphone. Therefore, a sim card is a true necessity. Celcom has donated free SIM cards, including 1000 minutes of calls & SMS, 50GB data and 30 min free international calls to Ukraine.


3. Rav-Kav
In order to use any public transportation in Israel, you need a Rav-Kav. Therefore, we are providing a Rav-Kav to each family, including 125 ILS, to enable free mobility.


digital unsependence kits


(To be specified soon)


(To be specified soon)

Sky Full of Light

I Need Help

We help with Medical coverage Digital and Physical aid kits. Please fill the form, so we can assist you in the best way possible

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